The Joys of the Real World

I know I’m behind on posting and tonight was going to be a new chapter, but real-life reminded me today that sometimes life is not fair and how we respond to that unfairness is the real test of the man (or woman). The company I worked for has experienced a rough time – decline in revenue, bankruptcy, new owners, restructuring, and a tough financial forecast for the new year. Over the last two months, things have been different and I suspected bad news was coming. And today was that day. After the company meeting, I met with my boss who informed me that today was my last day. So that’s it, I’m unemployed. It hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but a lot of things will change in my near-future. It should not affect The Enhanced permanently, but I suspect I will need to spend most of my times hunting down leads and applying to new positions.

This is not my first time I’ve been kicked down, but it’s a shock every time. However, my family is too important to waddle in self-pity and I respect myself too much to become angry or bitter.

Thanks to everyone that has visits my website and enjoys my writing. If you’re the praying type, I can always use the extra help from above. If you’re not, just think happy thoughts for me.