The Forgotten on is my foray into science-fiction.


Cygnus is a planet tired of conflict after a decade of civil war. Just as the future looks hopeful again, the ‘People of the Sky’ appear in their large ships. After attempts for a peaceful first-contact, the aliens invade, claiming the resources-rich planet for their vast empire. With advanced weaponry, they quickly overrun the Cygnus defense forces.

Rikishi, a decorated veteran and farmer from the outer agriculture district, feared this day his entire life. His grandfather told him stories, that his grandfather told him, about a time long ago when the original settlers left their world and joined the stars to find Cygnus, stories most believe to be childhood fables or religious superstitions. He knows the truth, the new visitors are not aliens, but the children of family and friends their ancestors left behind when their homeworld spiraled to self-destruction.

The enemy is from Earth.

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