Apocalypse – Media-coined term for the destruction of the city of Los Angeles, California in 1998 when Atomic Power exploded

Building Interior Training simulator (BIT) – Training area inside the Hinkle Close-Quarter and Urban Combat Facility used for indoor combat and rescue scenarios

EComm – Enhanced Communication device created by Harris Industries. The device allows Enhanced and mundane JTF agents to remain in contact via satellite, mobile, and wireless networks. The device has a 3d holographic and 2d touch interface.

Elementalist – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on the control of external elements. The most common are air, fire, water, and earth – others such as metal, electricity, plasma, and other exotic materials are rarer.

Enhanced – A person with extraordinary abilities

Enhanced Damage Capability Category Scale (EDCCS) – Based off the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, the EDCCS categorizes Enhanced based on their ability to cause personal injury and property damage on a 1 to 5 scale. While a Category 1 would be none to minimal capability, a Category 5 Enhanced would have the capability equal to a weapon of mass destruction. The number of Enhanced ranked at a category decreases exponentially with each level higher. Atomic Power is the only Enhanced to rank at Category 5. The EDCCS does not just cover physical strength, although that does factor in the final number. Mentalists are often rated higher due to their ability to control others with command authority over non-conventional weapons. Multiple powers are cumulative in the final rating.

Enhanced Emotional Degradation Syndrome (EEDS) – A psychological condition that causes an Enhanced to lose the ability to socialize and empathize with humanity. The Enhanced will become a recluse, shutting out all contact with mundanes and other Enhanced not closely associated. The condition becomes extremely dangerous as the Enhanced will be become obsessed to a particularly strong emotion (love, revenge, greed, lust, etc.).

Enhanced Public Safety Act – Signed into law in late-1998, the EPSA established the Joint Task Force (JTF) as the primary agency responsible for Enhanced crimes. The law outlawed law-enforcement by non-government affiliated Enhanced superheroes and severely restricted the use of powers. It also mandated reporting of the Reveal of new Enhanced. All current Enhanced were ordered to register with the JTF. The law was challenged by The Old Guard to the Supreme Court but was upheld. Many Enhanced, most notably Maze, have refused to comply with the law.

Enhanced Types – The Enhanced are classified in various types with Elementalist, Flyer, Mentalist, Speedster, and Tank as the most common. As new powers emerge, they are classified under an existing Type or Sub-Type, or even given a Prototype designation, meaning a unique or undetermined power.

E-Stims – A synthetic drug that can simulate Enhanced powers for 30 minutes to two hours. The most common E-Stims types are Flight and Strength although Speed and Telepathy are also available. E-Stims are illegal, addictive, and expensive. Combining E-Stims will often cause permanent brain damage or death.

Exterior Urban Training simulator (EUT) – Training area inside the Hinkle Close-Quarter and Urban Combat Facility used for urban combat and rescue scenarios.

The Freemen – Designated a domestic terrorist group, they are Enhanced and mundane sympathizers that are opposed to the Enhanced Public Safety Act and the Joint Task Force. They claim the Enhanced Public Safety Act is a violation of human rights and the JTF has overstepped the legal authority granted by the Constitution.

Flyer– A type of Enhanced that has powers based on aerial-based motion from manipulation of gravitational forces or can produce self-propulsion.

Great Detroit Fire – Nickname for the largest urban fire in late 1998 that destroyed most of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada after a failed raid by The Old Guard on Herr Metall

Harris Fiber – a composite weave of Kevlar and a proprietary material designed by Harris Industries that provides Level IV protection according to the NIJ labs. It is considerably lighter than Kevlar or ceramic plates. When impacted by a round, the Harris Fiber becomes instantly rigid and the kinetic energy disperses over the entire suit, providing excellent protection for the wearer from all known small-arms calibers.

Hinkle Close-Quarter and Urban Combat Facility – Former basketball stadium for the Butler Bulldogs that has been converted to a training simulator by the JTF. The building is split into two areas, the Exterior Urban Training simulator and the Building Interior Training simulator.

Joint Task Force (JTF) – The government agency primarily responsible for enforcing Enhanced laws. The personnel, equipment, and intelligence come from multiple sources including the ATF, Border Patrol, CIA, DEA,DoD, and FBI. They also assign Enhanced on mundane teams to combat Enhanced criminals, organized crime, and terrorism.

JTF Drone – Developed by the Aerodyne Space Industries and nicknamed the Raptor, the JTF Drone is an turbo-charged, rear-propeller, unmanned aircraft. Created to counter the push of the Caliphate against U.S. allies in the Middle East, the Raptor is now a commonly seen flying over every major U.S. cities. It has 24-hour loitering capability and can carry four Hellfire missiles, each with a 20lb High Explosive Anti Tank/Enhanced warhead.

Mentalist – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on the mind and not involving outside elements. The mentalist sub-types include clairvoyant, telekinetic, telepathic, and teleporter.

Mundane – A person with no extraordinary abilities

Reveal – The first time a power manifests for an Enhanced, usually between the ages 10-16. The age of Reveal is often used to estimate an Enhanced’s category.

Speedster – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on ground-based motion from exertion.

Tank – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on strength and resilience.

Telekinetic – A sub-type of the Mentalist. Although the telekinetic power involves flight, the power is based in the mind rather than manipulation of gravitational force or self-propulsion.

Teleporter – A sub-type of the Mentalist. Although the teleportation power involves motion, the power is based in the mind rather than exertion.