Write Something Profound

I hate to admit that writing for the blog, when I don’t have anything technical to write about, is a lot harder than writing the story. When I take the Myers-Briggs test, I score right in the middle of Introvert and Extrovert. I don’t enjoy being alone but I don’t enjoy being around people either. I’m just weird like that.

So why do people write? For me, it allows me to channel creative energy out of my brain and to my fingers. I love building¬†things. I’m not always good at it but I enjoy finishing a project and knowing I made it. I made the bookcase in my office, the computer desk (which didn’t turn out so well), the media case under the TV in the living room, the basement walls (minus the drywall – I did carry those down to the basement and they are really heavy). and a lot of other stuff around the house.

I also made the mead sitting in my basement and in my refrigerator. It is almost two years old and it tastes heavenly. I made it the month my youngest daughter was born and named it after her. I’m going to start another batch soon of Peach Mead and name it after my other daughter. My brother-in-law and neighbor makes the beer and ales so I get to drink that and they get my mead. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I know some people probably would enjoy the continuation of my making alcohol story (especially a certain Superhero author), but this about writing and creativity. I had stories in my head that really wanted to come out. I would stand in the shower, I’m too tall for our bathtub, and I could see the events happening. Now, through the craft of story-boarding and editing, some of the details have changed, but the essential ideas are still there.

Is The Enhanced Series the only story I have? No, but it is the only story I will commit to at the moment. If and when The Enhanced Series finishes, I will look at writing more. I have an outline done for a story set in 1400 AD fantasy Europe (fairy tale creatures are real). A Chinese-Italian Shaolin monk has followed Marco Polo’s path back to Europe to find his legendary father.

P.S. Just a side note. Today’s chapter 52 was one of my favorite to write. I struggled with it for a week, but in the end, I’m really happy how it came together. Things are going to get interesting from here.