Great News! New Job Offered and Accepted

Things have been quiet on the Enhanced front the last month, but searching for a job became a full-time job and my mission. After four weeks of applying, writing resumes, rewriting cover letters, filling out recruiter applications, rewriting resumes based on recruiter comments, filling out questionnaires, and a myriad of phone calls and interviews, I was offered a position yesterday and today I accepted.

I’m trading the sweet serenity of the sweatpants every day dress code of my remote status for the sights and sounds of a skyscraper office. I’m not thrilled about the commute, but it will be nice (and healthy) to mingle with other coworkers after many years of hiding in my home office.

And what does that mean for Michael and the gang? I’ll see you on Friday with a new chapter.

…then I’m off to see Deadpool.