How to Sell Books from Your WordPress Website

As a followup to my last blog post about setting up a Serial WordPress website, here is more advanced information about creating a marketplace on your site. I use some of these plugins on a site  that sells legal documents to lawyers.

If you are interested in adding a shopping cart to your site, I would highly recommend WooCommerce . It is widely supported and free. Shopping carts provide your readers with a traditional eCommerce experience rather than a direct link for payment.

If you are selling books online and want to deter piracy, you can use the WP PDF Stamper Plugin by Tips and Tricks HQ. This will automatically stamp the payee’s information on the bottom of each page and prevent the purchaser from copying, modifying, or printing your PDF. You can either use it to directly link PayPal or integrate it with WooCommerce or Tips and Tricks HQ’s WordPress eStore plugin.

That’s all you need. If you have any questions about creating a WordPress website, let me know.