Happy New Year!

When I started, I thought I would be lucky to get 50 hits a day by this time. We have far exceeded that number and ThePenintheStone.com is going strong.

I received an email yesterday from WordPress about my website. It had various statistics for the year that I would like to share.

Canada, the U.K., and Australia were the top non-U.S. countries for views. Denmark, Germany, and Sweden were the top three for non-native English-speaking countries. Thanks. Danke. Tak. Tack.

I would like to thank underwhelmingforce, anonymus, Bobby, and Zeta and everyone else for their comments, corrections, and speculations. I read everything that comes in. I encourage feedback because it makes my writing better and it will make the story more interesting. If you don’t want to use comments, you can email me directly at jeff@thepeninthestone.com

A big thank you must go to Drew Hayes, the author of Super Powereds (and other stories). His advice and help was invaluable for ThePenintheStone.com and Portal.

So what is coming up in 2014?

If my count is correct, Portal will finish sometime in late spring or early summer (~100k words). After a short hiatus to give new readers a chance to finish book 1, I will start again with book 2, which is already outlined.

I still have a few comic book covers to complete. In case you are wondering, Michael will be the last cover.

Thanks for a great 2013 and I look forward to bigger and better things in 2014.