What is the Posting Schedule? (It is really cold out there.)

I had a comment on my early posting today so I thought I would clarify the schedule.

If you haven’t guessed, I am in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone (UTC -5). The Enhanced Series updates (AT THE LATEST) are Tuesday evening and Friday morning each week. Usually, I will post Tuesday evening and Thursday evening but it might be earlier in the day. My schedule is timed for the collectors at TuesdaySerial.com and FridayFlash.org. Also, I’m busy reading SuperPowereds updates on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Today, I posted earlier due to the lovely winter weather we are currently experiencing. We received 12 inches of snow on Sunday and yesterday’s high was -11F/-24C. Everything is closed, including the roads. It was also a chance to show a little love for Australia. They can wake up to a new chapter.

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