Welcome Back Readers. Let’s Get this Party Started!

I want to welcome everyone back to the continuation of The Enhanced Series. If you didn’t visit the website over the summertime, you might not know I posted a short story about Thomas Collins, the LAPD sniper who shot and killed Atomic Power in the beginning of Portal, and based on the real-life North Hollywood shootout. The story isn’t required to understand the Enhanced story, but those events are not unrelated to the overall story arc.

Originally, I had planned to replace the entire website with a new look and features, but the creators of my Kingsize theme, announced the release of a responsive update (5.0) that included many of the features I thought were lacking. For anyone reading on a mobile device, you will notice the site looks a lot different now that Kingsize is running mobile, and not using the plain Jetpack mobile theme. Since the update was recent, there are some bugs in it that the developer is fixing. I also need to fix some of my custom code to work with the updated theme. The story pages work fine so you should have no trouble reading Paradox.

I’m very excited to get this book going. The climax of Paradox was one of those things that woke me up at 3 a.m. and demanded to be written.