Website Updates

In the end of Chapter 18, I mentioned some upcoming changes to the website.

In case you are wondering, I’m using the Kingsize theme from Denoizzed. This is actually a media gallery style theme instead of a typical ‘blogger’ freindly design. In a previous blog post, I explained how I used plugins to change a few things in WordPress to create a serial story in Chapter order rather than post date.

The original Kingsize theme does not have a content area on the homepage, something I have needed for some time. I know it is not convenient to click in the story each time to see if a new chapter was posted (or you could subscribe to the Twitter account and get updates automatically). I added a new content area and sidebar to the homepage that will update when new blog posts or chapters are added to the website.

The blog is designed to show the behind the scenes of the story development, edits, and reactions. When I was looking at different website ideas for Portal, I looked at many different options including Drupal and HTML/CSS. I didn’t want to code everything myself and my Drupal experience was limited. Digital Novelists has a good checklist of plugins for Drupal on their site. I went with WordPress because I have used for business and personal websites and I’m familiar with PHP (thanks to an update job I did on a website after the original developer butchered it).

Another update on the site is the ability to use mobile devices (phones, not tablets – they still use the default theme). WordPress has a great plugin called Jetpack that has a mobile friendly theme in it. I could also use a switching plugin with a second mobile theme but I don’t relish the idea of maintaining two themes for my fun writing hobby. The Jetpack mobile theme is sufficient with some minor CSS tweaks.

I hope you have enjoyed the story so far, editing goofs and all.