Updates and News

First, congratulations to my friend, Drew Hayes, for releasing Undeath & Taxes, book 2 about Fred the Vampire accountant. It is currently in the Top 5 in several categories. If you missed it on Twitter yesterday, Drew and I had an impromptu interview about Super Powereds, NPCs/Split the Party, a Fred movie, and, most importantly, The Flash – comic, TV show, and animation.

Yes, I know, no new chapter last night. Sorry, I have three deliveries this week for my real job appropriately on the topics of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare. These are definitely not happy courses. I chatted with Drew yesterday in-between my page uploads. Anyways, I’m targeting Thursday or Friday to finish with my chapter edits. A new character will appear for the first time, and even though she has been mentioned several times before, I want her first chapter to be awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!