The Beginnings of a Lexicon

In a conventional science-fiction or fantasy book, there is often a lexicon at the beginning or end of the book. I’m working on a page with similar information for this site. Do the explanations make sense?

Here is a sample:

Enhanced – A person with extraordinary abilities

Mundane – A person with no extraordinary abilities

Reveal – The first time a power manifests for an Enhanced, usually between the ages 10-16. The age of Reveal is often used to estimate an Enhanced’s category.

Enhanced Damage Capability Category Scale (EDCCS) – Based off the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, the EDCCS categorizes Enhanced based on their ability to cause personal injury and property damage on a 1 to 5 scale. While a Category 1 would be none to minimal capability, a Category 5 Enhanced would have the capability equal to a weapon of mass destruction. The number of Enhanced ranked at a category drops exponentially with each Category level. Less than 5% of all Enhanced are ranked Category 3 or higher. Atomic Power is the only known Enhanced to rank at Category 5. The EDCCS does not just cover physical strength, although that does factor in the final number. Mentalists are often rated higher due to their ability to control others with command authority over non-conventional weapons. Multiple powers are cumulative in the final rating.

Enhanced Types – The Enhanced are classified in various types with Elementalist, Flyer, Mentalist, Speedster, and Tank as the most common. As new powers emerge, they are classified under an existing Type or Sub-Type, or given a Prototype designation, meaning a unique or undetermined power.

Flyer– A type of Enhanced that has powers based on aerial-based motion from manipulation of gravitational forces or can produce self-propulsion that is not created by elemental manipulations.

Mentalist – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on the mind and not involving outside elements. The mentalist sub-types include clairvoyant, telekinetic, telepathic, and teleporter.

Elementalist – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on the control of physical external elements. The most common are air, fire, water, and earth; others, such as metal, lava, plasma. and other exotic materials are rarer.

Speedster – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on ground-based motion from exertion.

Tank – A type of Enhanced that has powers based on raw strength and resilience.

Telekinetic – A sub-type of the Mentalist. Although the telekinetic power involves flight, the power is based in the mind and not manipulation of gravitational force, self-propulsion, or elemental manipulations.

Teleporter – A sub-type of the Mentalist. Teleportation does not involves motion. The power is based in the mind and not exertion.