Thank You to All Enhanced Readers (and Merry Christmas)

As we move into Christmas week (and yes, Portal will update during the week), I wanted to say thank you to all the readers that have joined The Enhanced Series from around the world. I guessed most of my readers would be from the United States and other native English-speaking countries but thanks to Google Analytics and Jetpack, I have to give a big thank you to the readers from Denmark. They are often number #2 or #3 on my country list (and even #1 once this week).

My wife is the daughter of a Danish immigrant (who lives around the corner) so we have a connection. For Juleaften (Christmas Eve), we have  flæskesteg (pork roast), red cabbage, and risalamande (Danish rice pudding) for dessert. And, of course, we have Æbleskiver (Danish pancake) either Christmas morning and/or New Years  morning.

Thanks again to everyone who visits the website. I hope you have a great Christmas week with family and friends.