Pen and Cape Society now open

I mentioned a new project I was working on last week. It is a new website for a group of authors called the Pen and Cape Society (PCS). We are group of authors with a passion for writing superhero stories and for some reason, they let me in. Sometimes it pays to know the right people and slip them some Benjamins.

Anyways, the design of the website will be discussed in a shared post with PCS another day, but I used a new WordPress template and designed an entire color scheme and two new logos. It was also the first time I used Illustrator for my visual work. I made The Pen in the Stone logo in Flash and Photoshop. I’m really happy with the PCS logo and I would bet the The Pen in the Stone logo will get some Illustrator love soon.

If you are interested in Supers, I would highly recommend you bookmark the site. We are already planning a group project later this year.

Here is the unofficial mascot of PCS, Will O’ the Wisp.

Willow McCrae

Willow McCrae aka Will O’ the Wisp