New WordPress Theme

Welcome to the new website. This is the theme overhaul I originally planned over the summer but reconsidered after the updates to the Kingsize theme. While the updates to the Kingsize are a good start, there are still too many bugs and conflicts with my plugins. Yesterday, I decided to swap the theme of the website and began updating the Portal content to work better with Inheritance and Paradox. I have to update every chapter so it will take me a few days to get through it all. All the pages of Paradox and Inheritance are updated.

The theme format should be familiar. It is the same one I used to build and I kept the layout as close as possible to the original website. The Enhanced Series has always been ‘dark and bleak’ so I retained the grey/black background with the white text. I also added the gallery of images to the front page as a slider. More characters and scenes will be added as I finish them.

The website should work well in mobile devices too. The Avada theme is fully responsive so I do not need to use the bland Jetpack default mobile theme.

I hope you enjoy the new look.