Military Jargon – What does it mean?

Read only after you have completed Chapter 34.


One of the great things about writing on the Internet is the ability to provide information that is common knowledge to the characters but not to the reader. In Chapter 34, Bravo company and the Enhanced recruits engage an anti-Enhanced registration colony. For some, the conversations might be confusing due to the military jargon. This is an explanation of the terms and concepts.

Bravo company – In the JTF, a company is typically made up of four (or more) teams and designated a letter. Bravo is simply the designation for ‘B’. Bravo is easier to understand over the radio than the letter ‘B’, which sounds like ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘P’, etc.

Team One – Four – Teams are four Harris armored agents. Usually, Team One is the most experienced and spearheads the assaults. The number one agent on each team is the team leader.

Radio call signs – Bravo Niner is the call sign for the Bravo company commander, Lieutenant Caldwell. Nine or Niner is commonly the commander of a unit when using the radio. When Caldwell calls for Lady Justice, he uses Echo Niner since she is the Team Leader for the Enhanced (Echo). The teams will use numbers for their designation, One One would be Team Leader One. Three Four would be the number four agent on Team Three.

Commanding Officer (CO) – Bravo CO is Lieutenant Caldwell. Echo CO is Lady Justice.
Headquarters (HQ)

Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

Mosin-Nagant (M91/30 and M44)
PK Machine Gun
M4 Carbine

Stryker AFV