Christopher Wright on the PCS and Portal

Here’s a challenge – Join a group and look at the first ten books on the front page slider and go read them. That is exactly what Christopher Wright did when he joined the Pen and Cape Society. I was lucky, Portal was one of the books. He started his summary with two sentences that explain the book quite well.

When a hero’s death inadvertently turned Los Angeles into a smoking crater, the government had to step in and start regulating them for everyone’s protection. But the hero’s death—and the regulation that follows—isn’t what it seems.

He described the world in Portal as “fascinating and nightmarish” and I couldn’t be happier. If I ever needed cover text, I would gladly take what he wrote about Portal. And that was just one book. He continues with nine others.

If you are looking for some great superhero fiction until Inheritance and Paradox are released, take a look at his list (and don’t forget Wright’s Curveball).