Portal – Chapter 16

After two minutes, only two remained in the open area of the EUT. All the other recruits had scampered away in the BIT to find their own advantage but Turbulence and Lady Justice only wanted open space.

“So it’s you and me, chica” said Turbulence flatly as both Enhanced began to rise off the ground. “The sky belongs to me, Lady Justice.”

“We’ll see,” Lady Justice responded as Turbulence flew at her.

Lady Justice liked the freedom of flight and enjoyed the cleaner air above, but she knew she doubted she could compete against a pure Flyer. An Enhanced like Turbulence had faster reaction times and could redirect her momentum a lot better in flight. She hit Lady Justice squarely in the chest and directed the flight path at the concrete front face of the EUT. Lady Justice felt the crushing blow as she was sandwiched by the building and Turbulence but she also heard the Flyer grunt. If Turbulence was a Tank like Justice, Lady Justice knew that first attack would have broken a few bones and likely ended the duel. She was not weak but she could not take a beating like Judge or Justice. Turbulence obviously could not either.

Lady Justice recovered enough to grab the stunned Flyer and pushed them both down. She felt Turbulence fighting back as her downward speed decreased and her advantage slipping away. She was outmatched fighting hand to hand against Turbulence in the air. She had to disengage and try something else.

Turbulence could feel that Alaina was struggling. Lady Justice was good but in the air, she was queen. She pushed Lady Justice up, both of them moving up higher in the open space of the simulator when Turbulence did a flat spin and flung Alaina as hard as she could at the EUT. The momentum of the spin caught Lady Justice off-guard and she tumbled  mid-air, hitting a concrete balcony wall on the EUT third floor. Her body flipped over the top and she landed hard on the concrete floor in the small room. Alaina knew she had scrapes and bruises all over her body but they would rapidly heal. Her Enhanced body would heal any minor injuries almost instantly but she was sore from hitting the EUT a second time. She was frustrated by her inability to physically attack her opponent. She would need to work on flying more often during training.

“C’mon, chica, we both know who the better Flyer is,” taunted Turbulence. “Just let me take your disk and I won’t hurt you anymore.”  Lady Justice knew she was right. Too bad for Turbulence, her primary rating was not Flyer.

The Latina Enhanced was bobbing up and down slowly in midair with a smile on her face like a ship in calm waters. The fight with Lady Justice was the type of matchup she wanted. The smile vanished as the mock building and the EUT suddenly lit up with bright white light that was almost alive. It was beautiful, almost painful to watch even for Enhanced eyes. The light was moving when Turbulence saw Lady Justice stand up, her face no longer the sweet, cheerleader that Turbulence thought she was facing, but now, a woman holding a storm cloud. Bolts of energy were arching down her arms glowing a dazzling white with blue edging. Turbulence panicked as she realized what she was seeing. Lady Justice was a Lightning Elementalist. She had pissed off a vengeful goddess.

Lady Justice no longer felt the pains of her body as she lit up like a Christmas decoration on steroids. The lightning required her complete attention or she would lose control of it. Her element was one of the rarest, one of the most powerful, and one of the most dangerous. She was providing the light show primarily for Turbulence and anyone else watching to remember this encounter. She would not be pinned to Justice just because of the name.

Turbulence tried to fly away to reach one of the openings to the BIT but she was not fast enough. Even a Category 5 Flyer or Speedster cannot outrun lightning racing at 3000 miles per second. A bolt of crackling white energy left Lady Justice’s hand, arched and struck Turbulence in the back, shoving her straight down. The loud thunder-clap shook the entire building while the lights flickered a few times before returning to normal. Turbulence crashed into the simulator concrete, rolling over and over, finally stopping near one of the many BIT entrances. Lady Justice quickly flew down and landed near her downed opponent, keeping the lighting bolts arching down her right arm, just in case one of the other recruits decided to attack while she was on the ground.

“Sorry, Turbulence,” she apologized as she yanked the life disk with her left hand  from the fallen recruit’s back.

“Turbulence has been eliminated,” announced a voice over the loudspeaker.