Welcome to The Enhanced Series

I would like to thank everyone that has joined to read Portal. A special thank you must go to Drew Hayes, author of Super Powereds and other stories at DN.

So where did  The Enhanced Series come from? Actually, it has several sources. When I first outlined the story, there were no superheroes in it at all and the plot took a very different path. The main characters were supernaturals; mages, vampires, werewolves, etc. After I told my wife about it, she liked the idea but not the world (thanks Twilight for ruining horror monsters). I may return to that world someday with a new story but she was right.

I created a new outline, this time based on super heroes in our world. I did not want a world like Marvel or DC where aliens and supes had always existed. I wanted powers to be relatively new and still weak. As new generations of Enhanced emerged, some powers were becoming stronger and the threat of government intervention more likely. This style was closer to Watchmen, a great comic book but so-so movie. I wanted the world to feel the effects of titans battling it out in major cities and the repercussions of those events. There would be no Joker repeatedly escaping Arkham asylum.

Another source for the story is real-life. The story is how a nation reacts to cataclysmic events. Human history has repeatedly told us that we are at our worst and our best when faced with adversity. In the real world, Enhanced would be viewed more as celebrities and monsters, worshiped by some, hated by most. I wanted to capture the resentment.

I do hope you enjoy the story. Feel free to leave comments or email me.